Welcome to Korea

Aiming to
deliver the differentiation of service level… Deliver customer delights always

welcome to Korea

Service Provider of Korea tour, Korean interpreter, chauffeur driven car services.

Welcome to Korea is the leading company in the area of VIP supporting in Korea. The company has established and aimed for its service satisfaction guarantee and customer delights regardless of service types what we are providing our services to our valuable clients.
We are not only providing service of Korea car rental with driver  , multi lingual interpreter and tour guide, but also helping your business support while you are staying in Korea regardless services type you want to get from us. 

We are exceptionally well recognized in our service industry and our company holdings a truly colleague-level ongoing relationship with our clients. We are working here as high service level and effective services provider in Korea.

Our Service differentiation
Service level maintain over +95%, Customer delights and satisfaction. Delivery highest level of services delights.

– Customer service satisfaction level should over +95%.
– Resources dispatch by on time should be meet the +95% accurate on time.
– Safety is always 100% and #1 priority we should deliver.
– Prescheduling for all resources, no instant resources dispatch or resources allocation as on the spot.
– We do work only for reserved service only, because we need time to check and to inspect all resources are meet the regulations level before dispatching and allocating it to filed.

Missions to carry out
Customer delights and customer satisfaction by highest service level…

We wish you to be one of our valuable customers and to feel the highest service level we providing as you are already VIP and leader in your industry.

We are fully confident, once you try us, you will never forget the service differentiation.

CEO and President
Founder of Click Korea Corporation, which is a holding company of Welcome-To-Korea.Com.

Kim, M.W
Expert of Korea tranditional house construction and consulting. Certified by Korea Government.

Yeon, C.H
Prior to join us, he was a general manager of KTN ( KT Networks ), which is a family company of KT.

Song, N.S
As a board member of our team, he worked at SAMSUNG more than 20 years and was general manager of LCD manufacturing.

We are the leading company in Korea to offer integrated services as one stop place you can find all services you are looking for. We work for VIP clients usually, deliver the highest level of services for delighting our clients.

Lee likes travelling, playing the golf and climbing the mountain.
Lee’s background –
Lee was taking lots of responsible works for his several multinational companies such as DELL, NCR and other USA global companies more than 17 years.
He took the role of services business including services sales and marketing, tech support, customer satisfaction, services operation, customer advocacy, services finance. Lee was a Director of Dell Computer, Korea and was responsible for all service business in Korea.
He delivered services best of breed since his join at service business industries.
His experience worked at USA 11 years prior to return to Korea brings several benefits to high level services business, hence the services performance in Korea was noticeably improved and he was keep going to deliver the customer delights and high satisfaction.
Lee graduated with a distinction honor degree from New York Tech., USA and majored an expert system of artificial intelligence, Master of Science Degree in Computer Science.
He attended the Oregon State University in USA, graduate school of computer science and transferred to New York Tech and certified several international iT certifications and Korea government issued certifications.
His multinational global company’s carriers are surely enough to cover all areas of not only the marketing, services, operation, customer advocacy, but also all related functional sections of company to manage well.
By his such global standard backgrounded experience, Lee makes sure all services level satisfaction and safety management for all foreign VIPs.
He knows the nature of high society global business and its associate courtesies to be with there always.