Incheon Airport Gate Pickup, Transfer to Seoul

Incheon Airport Gate Pickup Service

Incheon Airport pickup instruction
How to meet the driver at the Airport

How do you find the car driver after you arrive at the airport?
Driver will holding your name picket at your arrival gate.

You will pass the gate like below.

incheon airport arrival gate pickup

Arrival and Greeting Hall

Incheon Airport Terminal 1 Arrival hall

Find your name picket at your arrival hall ( gate ).
The man who holding your name picket is the driver to serve you.
This is the places where you can meet the driver.
Driver will pick you up at your arrival gate by holding your name picket.

Driver will wait at your arrival gate :
Actual flight landing time + 30 minutes later

Driver Standby Time :

( for example, if your flight landing at 1pm, the location pick up time is 1:30pm )
– you may take at least 30~40 min after your flight landing and you come to get this location .

Driver will holding your name picket in order to do easy pick up.
Picket name :Your requested picket name

Driver will check below sign board to find out what is your exact gate you should come out.

After checking out the correct gate of your flight, driver will go that gate , which is announced in dash board of arrival flight information.
You have to come out the correct gate, not wrong gate.

Incheon airport arrival dash board

If you can’t find your name picket or driver, you should check the above sign board again and have to check the exact gate for you.
Check your gate and go that gate, then find your name picket.
There should be your driver waiting for you. No missing at all as long as you go to the exact gate arrival hall for you and find your name picket.

Waiting time at the airport ?

1. FREE for up to 1 hour ( 60 minutes ) after your flight actual arrival landing time is the maximum  FREE pickup time.

2. If you taking more time(over 60 min), then there will be $20 for long waiting charge.
( Usually, airport processing time will not over 40 minutes in the Incheon airport.
Incheon airport processing time is fast, not takes long if you don’t have any negative reason about your entrance to Korea for passing the immigration procedure.
It won’t take more than 60 minutes normally ! If you take more than 60 min, then it is quite abnormal by some other reasons. )

3. You have to text or to call the driver IF you take more 60 minutes before meet the driver in the airport.

4. Best approach is – call or text to driver AFTER you clear the baggage claim done.
Then, you can almost synchronize the time to pickup at the designated pickup location as defined. This is the best way to save the time to meet the driver.