Service rate of hiring a Korean tour guide, Korean travel guide


Korean tour guide service by Korean natives, Seoul, Busan, Jeju, Nami, Seorak, Incheon

Korean tour and travel guide service rate

General service rate of Korean tour guide. We are Korea in-country based service company in Seoul. We are classifying the tour guide by 4 different levels like below levels depends on their level of skill & experiences.

Korean tour guide service
Enslish, Chinese, Japanese - Korean tour guide service rate
Service Hours Price ( US $ ) Over Time rate
Tour guide service within Seoul city
Intermediate level tour guide - Current candidate, Fully bilingual.
1 day, 9 hours $ 280 $ 40
Superior level tour guide - Good level tour guide, having a good communicatation skill with mother tongue, more than 3 years experienced.
1 day, 9 hours $ 350 $ 50
Professional level tour guide- Business class tour guide , experienced more than 5 years
1 day, 9 hours $ 390 $ 60
Expert level tour guide - Top level of Tour guide, experienced more than 10 years in professional level
1 day, 9 hours $ 450 $ 70
Tour guide service for Gyeonggi Area Above standard price + Actual cost for local transportation +
business trip per diem $ 100 additional
Tour guide service for other cities Above standard price + Actual cost for transportation, Accommodation
Meals + business trip per diem $ 200

Note :
Terms and Conditions of Korea tour guide service :
- Early advanced reservation should be done at least 10 days before the date of interpreting for ensuring the right tour guide disptach, resouces allocation scheduling and also time management.

- Cancellation Fee : No refund less for same day cancellation / 20% refund for 3 days cancellation notice / 30 % refund for 5 working days advance notice and cancellation / 90% refund for more than 10+ days early cancellation.

- Working time of an tour guide : Time is measured from the moment of tour guide on duty and end of tour service.
- Minimum, 1 week advance reservation/confirmation should be done to arrange the resources well. And also its payment has to be occur properly in advance.
- Includes up to 1 hour of local travel (round trip) within the tour guide's residence location.
- Travelling, meal, per diem expenses and accommodation is extra if the location is out of Seoul city or multi-day assignments
- Rate may subject to change depends on the level of tour guiude and their availability.
- Working hours include stand-by time and working lunches.

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