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VIP close Personal Protection in Korea / Any Event security services in Korea

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Security and Safety. Providing highly trained, professional security personnel to the public and private sectors covering many different types of business

The role of a Close Personal Protection Officer is to provide protection to one Principal client.
Over the years VIP Close Protection Officers have provided protection to Executive Personnel, Entertainers, Famous Personalities, Religious Figures and General People in danger. Personal Protection Officers play a very important role in any security team. Our Officers are highly motivated and have the ability to work alone without direction. They have the ability to take charge of situations and work competently under difficult circumstances. They are highly trained, experienced and physically fit in order to provide exceptional customer protection. Our officers can also provide a secure driver service for our clients. We can also provide safe comfortable transportation for your clients including VIPs.

Bodyguard Services - Close Protection Services
VIP Close Protection while he/she is in Korea..

Our VIP security services are available upon request anywhere in Korea , for specific events, circumstances & time periods, covering any or all of the whole range of Close Protection Officer duties, including:

  • Security Drivers with professional bodyguard
  • Personal Bodyguards by highly trainned and educated
  • Team Escort (multiple security bdyguards)
  • Event Security Teams, providing security for event performance such as product launches and more
  • Fully integrated VIP Protection Team, comprising perhaps of driver(s), bodyguard(s), escort officer(s), and a dedicated security contract manager if required

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    Special Event Security
    For company product road show or company wide events in Korea...

    We can provide a full range of security services and solutions for you or your company’s entertainment, sporting or corporate events. Security for high-level events can include access control for perimeter and auditorium, crowd and parking control, and executive protection. We use highly specialized, experienced personnel to partner with you to develop a comprehensive security plan that can include event management, coordination with local law enforcement, and risk/event assessments.

    VIP protection
    To protect the Executive level of persons while they are in Korea...

    We provide high profile Executive and Celebrity Protection and are the Personal and Executive Protection specialist. We provide our clients with agents who are experts in the field to protect you and your family from potential threats of violence or danger.
    Keeping you, your family and future safe is extremely important and can not be trusted to just anyone. Why not try the best in the business. With law enforcement agents who are experts in the field of personal protection you can rest assured your safety is our number one priority.
    Our experts are familiar with the protection of persons- government leaders, celebrities, CEOs, or other public figures-from assault, kidnapping, assassination, loss of confidential information, or other threats.
    Our Solutions understands the importance of discretion. Our assignments generally involve protecting a certain "principal." From team assignments to critical advance work every effort is made to integrate into the world of the principal providing discreet superior protection.

    Regardless of the environment or condition, with matters of the heart, our Personal Protection Team of Experts are ready for any challenge. Contact us to schedule a meeting with one of VIP Protection Solutions experts to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

    Who uses Close Protection and Security services ?
    Well known persons worldwide / Executive Level Persons while they are in Korea...

    It’s not just celebrities – although they do need security ust to be able to move freely and safely, whilst in the public eye. Increasingly it is companies and individuals in the business world; perhaps a director carrying valuable items or information, or someone who trades in parts of the world where safety is a real concern. VIP visitors to your company may wish you to provide the security for their trip and diplomats, sports personalities or simply individuals, who may have a specific threat at this time in their life, all need the reassurance that effective protection and security can bring.

    VIP security, escort service

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