Korean Interpretation and Translation services procedure


Services procedure for English - Korean interpretation, translation Japanese Korean services

Our Korean translation / interpretation procedure

Here is our general procedure for our Korean translation, interpretation bilingual services...

1. Initial customer communication via email or phone
2. Identifying the customer needs and their reqirements / Source data confirmation
3. Mutual agree on the scope of works, its price quotation and payment plan
4. Planning
5. Allocating the project manager who is in charge and dedicating the translator or interpreter
6. Forming the team to perform and review meeting internally
7. Define all terminologies in souce file
8. Performing the translation or interpretation
9. Proof reading and finalizing the documentation works
10. Deliver the deliverable format of translated works to customer
11. Post communications to clear out all other issues

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General procedure of services request and its payment

Here is our general service and payment procedure for Korean language services.

General payment method is Paypal, which is safe and secure internet payment system worldwide. They take all major credit cards. Pament should made in advance to dispatch the interpreter at a designated place that the interpretation service should perform. For Korean translation work, we can start the paper work after clear out the payment in advance. Split payment such as down payment with post balance payment can be negotiable only for big amount of toal or with any reasonable blank check to us by written confirmation to guarantee it. procedure for Korean translation

Aiming to do highest level of Korean interpretation and translation
Systematic and consistent service providing with well predefined specific procedure...

Korean translation procedure

Language is a very important form of human communication whether written or spoken. In interpretation/translation procedure, one person can’t perform these two tasks in majority of the cases.  The reason is that although on the surface they may look very simple but they demand different levels of skill,  linguistic knowledge and research.

When we talk about global trade,  Korea has emerged as a major partner since the last 30 years or so. Samsung,  LG,  Hyundai, are some of the major Korean companies who have a strong share in world trade. Korea is becoming sound in terms of economy. It has a lot to offer when it comes to job or business opportunities. Korean economy is attracting a large number of foreign companies. It has 50 million speakers in the South Korea, except  the North Korea.  Although the country is providing many opportunities,  but there’s one major hindrance and that is language because of which many people can’t take advantage from such opportunities. No matter how much they want,  they have to cross this language barrier first if they want to compete and succeed.  If someone wants to be successful as a business man, he should have the ability to communicate effectively in Korean language but at the same time it’s also important to understand the cultural implication of Korean language.

English is a global language. It is considered as a standard.  Translation or interpretation from Korean to English and vice versa can give you an easy access to Korean markets.  Both interpretation/ translation procedure are quite different mediums because interpreter is a person who translates orally while the translator translate the text.  Bilingual knowledge is required in both the cases.  Cultural and linguistic skills are two most important things for the translator.  Interpreters on the other hand must possess public speaking quality.

As it is very difficult to acquire perfection in these two fields that is interpretation and translation,  so for interpretation/ translation procedure different companies now days are offering their services as translation/interpretation service providers.  We offer services in any type of translation e.g. web site, software or multimedia or any other form. Similarly in the field of interpretation these companies have an access to the top interpreters in the world with high tech equipments available to ensure professional interpretations in almost any environment.  We act as an intermediary between you and your client to help you communicate effectively with your client.  In this way you can have a better understanding clients requirements and can give a real boost to your business.

Below picture is the orgin documentation of Korean alphabet and was announced in year 1446, which was ordered by King Sejong and many scholars at that era had been participated to develop the Korean alphabet and language. The Korean alphabet is consist of 14 consonants and 10 vowels, total 24 basic alphabet.

Korean character

Korean interpreter

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Korean Interpretation, Translation Service procedure

Korea National Flag ?
Tae Keuk Gi
Korea national flag

Korea National Flag - was used first time in 1882 and was officially announced as Korea national flag since 1883..

Korea, Emperor SeJong ?
Korean Alphabet Inventor, Emperor SeJong.
rose of sharon

Emperor SeJong was born in year 1397 as thrid prince of King TaeJong. He invented the Korean alphabet in year 1443 and announced it in year 1446 when he was 50 years. The name of "Seoul" city has been named by Emperor Sejong and officially used since year 1422 when he was 26 years old. Gwanghwamun square was established in year 1431 when the emperor Sejong was 35 years old.