Refund Policy


Refund Policies for cancellation, rescheduling, etc

Accepting the terms and conditions
By paying your payment to us for your reservation, we assume you read and agree this policy clearly. In order to avoid further debate against refund. This is clearly stated well for both mutual understanding and acceptances.

We assume you to accept and to read this statements clearly before you to pay us for your services in Korea.
No waives from this and No exception on this Ts & Cs.

Our cancellation
When we cancel the services you booked, .

In case, when we cancel the services, we will issue a refund in full

Your cancellation
Please make sure our policies about the cancellation and refund policies.

Standard date is Korea local date and time, not your local country date and time. Cancellation date will be recognized as the official date we received your cancellation request date and email time stamped by our local server system date and time. Please be make sure for your itinerary to avoid any unintended cancellation. Cancellation and Amendment on your reservation will brings some inconveniences each others.

Refund % from total paid amount, except the service fee and proportional tax amount
less than 7 days notice
8 days notice
9 ~ 11 days notice
12~13 days notice
14 days notice
15+ days notice
Paypal paid transaction
Bank wired paid transaction

This table for refund is only applicable to car rental, tour guide service only. Other integrated or combined services can be applicable to other terms and conditions of our company refund policy.

Contact us - email to us
email us for Korea tour services
Click above envelope for sending us the reservation or asking questions.

Any Schedule change has to pay above identified penalty for local rearrangement

Any schedule amendment or date and time change on a confirmed reservation should absorb the penalty extra as identified above. This rescheduling prevents us to utilize our resources well as we planned. Resources availability is one of important factor to manage our internal hardward and software well. We are asking your well understanding on this please.

Notes for refund
Our general notes regarding refund policy. THIS IS ONLY applicable to Car+driver, Tour guide services. Any othere services for refund not listed here will be applicable to other refund policy.

Note : Refund will be applicable to only car rental and tour guide services only. All others , ask us.
Paypal :
- Refund wil be made after payment clear from Paypal. We will issue a refund after we finally collected the amount from Paypal.
- Your refund will be issue usually after 15 ~ 30 days from the date you paid initially. We have to wait until the Paypal paying to us. We would like to avoid any cross pay back or dual payment to you. Therefore you need to wait the Paypal clearance first. Please do not ask the cancel of transaction to the Paypal company, then we will get some troubles to debate with Paypal about transaction. This will delay to pay your back the refund.
Bank wired payment :
- There are 3 bank services fee, 1. Origin bank service fee, 2 Intermediate bank service fee, 3 Destination bank service fee. All these 3 bank services fee will be counted independently. We will figure out your total paid amount by considering those 3 bank fees.
- Refund will be the amount by deducting these bank service fees. Therefore, you have to ask your bank the deducted amount as services fee. There will be some discrepancy between the amount we sent and you received.
Paypal surcharge or bank service fee :
- Deducted amount from paypal or bank will be counted as extra amount we paid out to 3rd parties as separately. We will calculate your total paid amount by deducting their service fee extra. Your total paid amount will be measured by deducting those service fee. We expecting your understanding on this policy.

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