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Our three offices are located near by airport and central of Seoul city


We have 2 offices to support you well in Korea.
Main office is located 30 minutes driving distance from Incheon (ICN) international airport and 10 minutes driving distance from Gimpo (GMP) international airport, which allow us to dispatch the necessary resources on time for your visiting to Korea.

Incheon airport office is located 3 minute distance from the airport.

Our Locations
in Seoul , South Korea

Incheon Office :
Incheon Jung-gu, Unseo-dong, Korea

Main office :
Gyeonggi-do Goyang-si DeokYang-gu HangShin-dong , Korea

Telephone: (+82) 70 8621 6789

Note : Prior to make a call, email us first. We will provide the info more promplty.

In general cases, we are replying you within 1~2 hours during Korea business standard hours, which is 9am to 6pm. In urgent cases, we will get back to you by your urgency very promptly.

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All other type of inquiries - Any general inquiries may contact us by filling out below form mail. We will contact you shortly based on your urgency...

Please provide us your basic information on your demand from us. Due to the volume of emails, we only reply our valuable cusomter's email only. We do not welcome any types of SPAM or similar types of email. We guarantee that all information given to us will never be resold or disclose with any 3rd parties and it will be used for internal purposes only.

The more information you give us, the more faster and accurate information we can answer.