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Walking Tour with licensed tour guide using public transportation bus and subway, Seoul

Enjoy the Korea, Seoul Experiences

Share the best experience to walk around of Seoul, which is capital city of Korea, with us.

Seoul has many great walking courses you can touch with the city's history, culture and variety lifestyle. In the downtown area, there are several great walking courses that you can enjoy the Seoul ancient palaces and royal palace.
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Our personalized on-demnd private tour service will be your great partner while you are on the road to look around of Seoul Korea and also other major cities in Korea. Don't miss out our service excellency !. You do not have to worry about any inconveniences while you are on the road if you with our services. We are Korea local in-country company directly to serve you. We loacted in Seoul in Korea.

Popular walking tour places within Seoul city

Here are some of recommendable walking tour courses..

There are so many venues you can enjoy the Korea tour, as part of it, here are some of samples you may like to see those. It is hard to show all of fantastic must see tour places in this page, so we are just introduce you the short list only. You can ask us for the more places to see. Don't miss out our professional tour services, let us with you !!!.

Seoul walking tour - Changdeokgoong
ChangDeokGoong - designated as Unesco's World Cultural Heritage. This palace has the beauty of perfect hormony which expresses that human being assimilates nature. Known as Secret Garden (Biwon) as well long ago. Harmonized with Various pavillion, ponds, trees and odd stones and rocks.
Seoul walking tour - Lotte World
Lotte World - A world of magic and fantasy . They have so many entertainments you can enjoy regardless of old and young. This is recommendable place as MUST SEE and this is good for family, friends. Adventure, Magic island, Folk museum and Entertainment-Festival, Parade.Show - All this is highly recommendable, will be good experience.
Seoul walking tour - Nanta
Nanta - Best performance in Korea. A non-verbal performance integrates Korea's traditional rhythm, Samulnori, with Comedy and drama in the kitchen. Audiences of all ages and nationalities can enjoy. First performance was at Oct, 1997 and now this becomes the world famous non-verbal performance. In year 2004, performed in Broadway, New York.
Seoul walking tour - Korea house
Korea House is a cultural space created to educate foreigners and Korean people about the traditional culture of Korea. They have Korea Royal cuisine with 70 delicious dishes and several performances you can feelthe Korea experience. You can buy some of traditional cultural goods for your souvenirs. You can enjoy the Korea traditional wedding ceremony.
Seoul walking tour
Creek, Cheonggyecheon flows again through the center of Seoul city, which is 600 years old capital city of Korea. You can enjoy so many crowde on both side of this creek and there are so many local pub and restaurants along the side of this creek. Tour course A : 2.7KM , about 2 hours / Tour course B : 2.6KM, about 2.5 hours.
Seoul walking tour - NSeoulTower
This is the best observatory space of Seoul, where you can appreciate all the panoramic scenery of Seoul with cutting edge media display with various culture. Located at the center of Seoul. You can experience new cultural arts with various media art in the mixture of "art of Lights" of which colors and patters change every minute by newest LED technology

There is no limitation you to designate any places in Korea except legally not-permitted places. Therefore, all you can do let us know the places and date, time you wish to prefer, we can arrange you to be there. Sometimes, some places are limited to visit due to their limitation or their own operational policy. However, we will arrange your tour schdule to meet the best possible. We care you only the safe and permitted places.
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Ground Transportation - Subway
Here is your information of Seoul metro Subway. This is what you need while you are enjoying the walking tour of Seoul Area in Korea.

Korea Walking tour subway

You may download the map of Seoul subway or print it for your walking tour at below your native languages.
- Korean version subway line map dowload | On-line View by Link
- English version subway line map dowload | On-line View by Link
- Japanese version subway line map download
- Chinese version subway line map download
- English-Japanese-Chinese Integrated version subway line map download

Walking tour guide service

You may drop the vehicle services from our tour services if you want to select this "Walking Tour" services. All the local ground transportation cost should paid by you directly. We only charge you the tour guider or interpretator. Any local meals or admission fee also should paid you directly to the place you want to. Walking tour service is limited and up to 1~4 guests maximum. If your party has more than 4 people ask us the quote.

Note : All other unspecified option price at hrere is extra such as tour guide meal if applicable, admission fee. Any on-site extra cost is billable or directly pay them by you. Tour time will be counted at the time you meet our tour guide at the place you designated such as Hotel front, which should be easy place to meet you at there.

Benefits of On-demand private walking tours

  • Saving time and Seeing More
  • Why wait on the queues ? Why wasting the time ? why see what you don't like to see. Our private tours are directly brings you to the point, only for your wish list to see.

  • Professional Services and Flexibility
  • We are work with your own schedule. We are sure to provide you more better customer services for transportation, dinning, scheduled tours.

  • Personal and Privacy
  • We care only YOU and your family or friends. We respect your more persoanl experiences.

  • Dedicating services only for you with our licensed tour guide
  • Our licensed tour guide will acoompnay with you througout the all of tour, dedicating services for you only, no anyone else.

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    Korea National Flag ?
    Tae Keuk Gi...
    Korea national flag

    Korea National Flag - was used first time in 1882 and was officially announced as Korea national flag since 1883..

    Korea National Flower ?
    Rose of sharon...
    rose of sharon

    Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea. The flower appears in national emblems, and Korea is compared poetically to the flower in the South Korean national anthem. The flower's name in Korean is mugunghwa (Hangul: 무궁화; Hanja: 無窮花). The flower's symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, which means "immortality"..

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