Shopping Tour in Korea


Shopping Malls in Korea

Shopping Tour in Korea
Looking for shopping places in Korea ? Here is short list for your convenient shopping tour in Korea.

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Great places to buy the Korean traditional stuffs or luxury belongings for you, you can find out your convenient accessible store at below short listed places while you are staying in Korea. You can ask us to help your shopping tour in Korea. Please contact us today, we will arrange all for you.

Department Store - Luxury Shopping Malls in Korea
Duty Free Shop
Shopping Malls in Korea, Seoul Area
Traditional Market / Street Markets
All of local traditional street markets are not showing here, because their web site is not published yet. This street level traditional market is consist of many individuals. Therefore, they are not able to show all of their merchandise into integrated web site. But, we do strongly recommend you to visit there to see how they living dynamically. You can enjoy more by looking around old style street market and also you can buy inexpensive goods at there. Let us know your desire to visit one of them. we are sure you to be there. You are sure to enjoy to look around all these type of markets.
Luxury Premium Shop
Luxury Premium Shops running by independent are required to book advance to visit there. These luxury premium shopping store are limited to admit into their store for customer's convenience. Therefore, pre arrangement schdule is necessary to admit there. Please reserve ahead of time.

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Shopping mall in Korea

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