Notes for Reservation and Payment


Regarding reservation
Short and urgent reservation less than 3 days, we need to get your own confirmation first.

We do recommend you to book with us earlier as you are sure for your intended itinerary. The reason why we ask you to book earlier is to give you full convenience for our services. We are not a taxi or sudden disptach company like other. We would like to arrange all local resouces in Korea well to synchronize with your intended purpose. In order to provide you professional and well arranged services, we are asking you to contact us earlier.
Less than 15 days early prior booking could causes the risks to get low refund if you cancel the schedule or reservation.

Before paying to us
Be sure to read the Refund policy carefully.

We are encourage you to decide well before paying to us. Once it is confirmed and booked for your reservation with your payment, we are expecting all will be going through without sudden changes on your planned intention. There are some penalties for cancellation and amendment on your schedule. We are not welcome to dispatch our resources suddently without proper advance inspection. All of our efforts are only to provide services excellency by organizing and analyzing well about your desire and courses we have to care you. That is the way of how our Managed and Planned services can be performed well ONLY for you, not similar to other group tour services of the 3rd party company.

payment notes

Contact us - email to us
email us for Korea tour services
Click above envelope for sending us the reservation or asking questions.

Hotels Reservation in Korea
Hotels in Korea is quite good enough you to feel the relax and recreation.

Do you want to save the time and cost of booking the hotels in Korea. Let us know. We can assist you to book the hotels you want to stay. We are Korea local company based in Seoul city and near around of Seoul city. Hence, we can be more faster and safer to make sure your accommodation is ready for you as your wish date and time. We don't ask you to pay us extra for our service of booking your hotels in Korea.

Sightseeings in Korea
Want to go any good places to see ?

Let us know the places you want to visit regardless your business purpose or tour, travel purpose. We will care you by providing our integrated service by ONE stop services all for your.

Korea tour
Wish to get more freedom for your tour in Korea ?

You may select the places you wish to go any places in Korea. We can be with you all the ways whereever you wish to go in South Korea. We are not going to ask you to pay extra except pre identified and agreed price. Our services can beyond your imagination.

Korean interpreter
Need an Interpreter or translator ?

Our educated and experience professional can be with you on the road while you are working and entertaining. They will cut off some local blurries they might happen on the road. You would get safe and more conveniences by accompanying them. Let us know your desire date and time they can be with you.

Business supporting and any un-predefined services in local, Korea
Need a sudden local supoorting temporary while you are in Korea. Any assistances you need ?

There may some unforecasted local requirements you may need while you are visiting in Korea. That is why we do offer you an integrated services by providing you what you need an assistance you need to get suddenly in Korea. We are here to help you. Ask us what you need beyond defined services. We can cover you all what you need in Korea.

Corporate Services
For gloal multinational companies, Regional corporate or headquarter in USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries.

For event marketing, employee performance award or corporate contracted services, you can save the time and cost by utilizing our corporate integrated services. Our services can lower down of the cost of frequent travelling to Korea including you and your employee. We can help all of your corporate visitor who are travelling to Korea not only the car for ground transportation from the airport, but also including all assocate services while they are on the road in Korea. Let us together with your business missions and your team, we will be part of your team to win your business in Korea.

Limo Service

3 passenger seats

Limousine Service

VAN rental

Good for 3 ~ 6 passengers

VAN Rental

mini bus rental

13 passenger seats or 18 seats ( 2 types available )

Mini Bus Rental

Seoul Bus rental

44 passenger seats

Bus Rental

27 passenger seats

Luxury Bus Hire

Nami Island
entry ticket
nami island ticket

Nami island ticket : Foreigners should buy this ticket by KRW 8000