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Helping your business goal by local communication using Korean lauguage

Our service of Korea local businss coordination is aiming for
Smooth and Effective local business coordination by Korean communication representing your company or personal...

Do you have any problems to communicate with Korea local companies ? There may be some barriers you to communicate with Korea local companies due to business working time difference or language barriers or some others. We are here to help you by representing as your Korea local impermanent representative and to assist you for making better, effective and smooth coordination in your business interest.

Business coordination in Korea

Our services is not limited to, but also including following areas.

  • Business propoal submission by Korean translated documentation
  • Calling your business parties by Korean and deliverying your company interestes message clearly.
  • MOU / LOI / RFP / Agreement - Korean version documentation
  • Secretarial service to arrange the business meeting and its assocate business coordination work if necessary
  • Korean interpreters or translators on-site supporting to any places in South Korea, except North Korea
  • Korean CPA / Korean Lawyer introduction if you need any local regulatory works
  • Any Legal enforcement or Tax or labor issues that may require the CPA or Lawyer, we do find out best of those certified and authorized CPA or local lawyer and introduce you for deliverying your short and clear interest.
  • There may be many other cases you need to assist locally in Korea. For all those many other cases, we can help you surely by positioning ourself properly and let you tune with them clearly and effictively
  • Other than above specified services that you looking for, you may ask to us for your specific interest we can help you.
    Note : For CPA or Lawyer introducing, we only introducing you the proper agency in Korea. We do not ask any service charges for it and we are not responsible any of their work result. Final your selection on those candidate CPA or lawyer is totally depends on your decision by your own cost and direct fee negotiation with them mutually. Because, we are not CPA or Lawyer office.

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    Area of services for local coordination
    B2B, Event marketing, Retail marketing, B2c...

  • Business to Business
  • Self employed professionals in many services industry / iT company business partnership / Product sales to Korea market

  • Event marketing
  • Product road show / Advertisement of service / Brand positioning / Services extension / Services marketing

  • Retail marketing
  • Customer services / Brand positioning / On-line internet marketing / Basic sales

  • Business to Consumer
  • Discount offers / Sales promotion / Sales infrastructure foundation / on-line e-commerce into Korea B2C market

  • iT outsourcing and internet marketing in Korea
  • Especially, we are specialized in the area of iT outsourced business partner. Our services area is including on-site engineer supporting, technical and hardware support, and others associated with iT.

    Our background to show you our differentiation how we do better...

    We are recognized leader in outsourced on-line marketing in Korea. We have a wide range of knowledge and backgrounds hot to manage any and all aspects of your on and off-line campaign. We always trying the best of best to deliver the success each other as WIN-WIN. Serveral key points for our local coordination works can be briefly noted as
    - Senior level ( C levels ) contact
    - Market research
    - Scheduling and coordination
    - key performance metrics analyze and measuring ongoing movement
    - many ohters we have to measure the local performance metrics.
    - virtual office Korea

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