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Staying at traditional Korea house

Korea Traditional House
Stay and Sleep in the Korea traditional house is another experience you may try. Feel the differentiation at here.

Accommodation at Korea House

HanOak is Korea traditional house.It features a detailed look at traditional Korean housing during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). Koreans believed that humans are part of nature, as were the houses they lived in. They preferred simple and restrained designs to luxurious ones, and structures that best suited the laws of nature.
Western style luxury hotel may be more convenient for foreigners, but if you like to stay and to feel the cultural differentiation. You may try and share your tour night at one of here.

Seoul Area in Korea
Outside of Seoul City in Korea - We do recommend you to go out side of the Seoul city if you wish tosee more better places for Korea traditional house. It will get you more better staying and experiences.

Please reserve ahead of time. All these Kora traditional house is operating and managing by each independent personals. Therefore, all the services may vary depends on the each independent owner's operational policy of Korea traditional houses.

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Korea traditional house

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