English - Korean Interpreter, translator in Korea, Seoul


Roh, K.I. - English - Korean bilingual Interpreter, translator
- Interpreter, English and Korean Language Service. Language Proficiency: Korean-mother tongue / English- native fluency

Educational Background


  • M.A in Advanced Translation, Macquarie University, Australia (2009)
  • M.A in Translation and Interpreting, Macquarie University, Australia (2008)
  • English Teachers Program, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea(1998)
  • Berlitz Language Institute, London, UK(1996)
  • B.A in law, Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, Korea(1991)

  • Korean Interpretation Experiences
    - NAATI Accredited professional translator(Level 3)


    2011 Preview in Seoul ( 31 August~ 1 September 2011)
    2011 14th Bucheon International Comics Festival (17~19 August 2011)
    Business meeting between Goyang City mayor and Horwath group (30 June 2011)
    Lecture on overview of the Korea’s corporate culture at Small & Medium Corporation (June 23 2011)
    2011 LED EXPO & OLED EXPO English MC for Opening Ceremony (21 June 2011)
    2011 Global Project Plaza (16 June 2011)
    2011 Global Bio & Medical Forum (8~9 June 2011)
    Macau Government Tourist Office Promotion event in Korea (7 June 2011)
    2011 Korea Media & Contents Market ( 1~2 June 2011)
    Quality Control Seminar at Keiper Korea (30~31 May 2011)
    Microsoft financial integral group investigation (23~25 May 2011)
    2011 Global PowerTech (18~19 May 2011)
    Process audit for JC Corporation(Korea) conducted by Schweiβ-und Lotstoffe GmbH(Germany)( 17 May 2011)
    2011 World IT Show (12 May 2011)
    2011 Buy Korea Seafood (11 May 2011)
    International Food Industry Exhibition, Seoul 2011(26~29 April 2011)
    APEC SMEs Green Innovation (19 April 2011)
    Court interpreting for damage suit between Finnish Oy Suomen Schneider Ab vs Korean DMT (4 April 2011)
    2011 F/W Seoul Fashion Week( 29 Mar~ 2 April 2011)
    2011 Australia University Fair (19 Mar 2011)
    2011 International Mold Exhibition (17 Mar 2011)
    2011 Buy Korea (1 Jan 2011)
    2010 SIIF(Seoul International Invention Fair) (2~3 Dec 2010)
    2010 Global Mobile Vision Conference (9~10 Nov 2010)
    The 17th ITS World Congress(24~27 Oct 2010)
    Rural-20 project with U.S ambassador to Korea (21~22 Oct 2010)
    2010 Korea Electronic Show (12~13 Oct 2010)
    Macquarie University T&I program seminar (9 Oct 2010)
    The 30th FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific(28~29 Sep 2010)
    Chung-cheong Province Venture Plaza business meeting(16~17 Sep 2010)
    Indian vendor registration seminar & business meeting (9 Sep 2010)
    Global Electric Power Tech 2010 Autumn (7~8 Sep 2010)
    Australia University Fair organized by AUSTRADE (3~4 Sep 2010)
    Seoul Fashion Trade Show 2010 (2 Sep 2010)
    Seoul International Textile Fair, Preview in Seoul 2010 (1 Sep 2010)
    2010 Global Bio & Medical Plaza (28~29 June 2010)
    2010 Global Smart SOC Initiative (25 June 2010)
    2010 International LED & OLED EXPO (22 June 2010)
    2010 Korea Media & Contents Market(15~16 June 2010)
    Business meeting between Schweiβ-und Lotstoffe GmbH(Germany) and JC Corporation (Korea) (10 June 2010)
    2010 Buy Korean Sea Food (26 May 2010)
    2010 ITS Game in Korea ( 17 May~18 May 2010)
    2010 Seoul Food & Hotel (12 May~15 May 2010)
    2010 Buy Korea in Seoul (4 Mar 2010)
    2009 Goyang World Weightlifting Championship (20 Nov~29 Nov 2009)
    2009 Green Business Korea (21 Oct 2009)
    2009 IT Convergence International Exhibition (13 Oct 2009)
    2009 G-FAIR in Seoul (24~25 Sep 2009)
    2009 Buy Korea in Seoul (17~18 Sep 2009)
    2009 Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Sydney(Mar 2009)
    Interpreting at AUSPECTS(Autism Spectrum Australia) seminar (Mar 2009)
    35th International Systemic Functional Congress (21-25 July 2008)


    'Parents Talking Career Choices’ and ‘Year12_What Next?’ published by Australian Government( May 2011)
    Gartner research ( 2009~ present )
    International Symposium research organized by Korean Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation (Mar. 2011)
    InterContinental Hotel Seoul Website reconstruction proposal prepared by WEES GROUP (Sep.2010)
    'Viread Hepatitis B Patient Education Booklet’ and ‘Viread Interpreter Guide’ published by Australian Government(Aug.2010)
    King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture Project Development of FEED for Technology Requisition prepared by Samsung SDS(Jul.2010)
    Parents Talking Career Choices’ published by Australian Government(Mar.2010)
    Agreement between Samsung SDS and Qatar Petroleum regarding MPLS business (Mar.2010)
    SK C&C Newsletter (Jan. 2010~ present)
    Suzhou Pfaudler Glass-Lined Equipment manual (Jan 2010)
    Gartner research ( 2009~ present )
    SK Telecom daily global news ( August 2009~ present)
    Online video game manual translation and proofreading (June 2009)
    Samsung Electronics’ P3 Microsite Manual ( Nov 2008)
    Articles of Association of the Hangul Sarang Library in Sydney ( Nov 2008)
    CDNetwork’s UCC Media Platform ( Oct 2008)
    Digital Times: Symantec Korea (Sep 2008)
    Digital Times: EMC Korea’s data duplication solution technology(Aug 2008)
    The World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) report: The supply of farmland bear bile reduces the demand for bile from wild bears thereby protecting wild populations of bears ( May 2008)
    Domino Pizza’s training manual for employees ( May 2004)
    LG Electronics’ consulting manual (Feb 2003)

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