English - French - Korean Interpreter in Korea, Seoul


Shin, H.W. - English - French - Korean multilingual Interpreter
A Business Coordinator (English / French) & Communicator in a multinational environment: Aggressive and highly motivated interpreter interested in international cooperation business & overseas sales & marketing. Ability to work in English/French spoken environment, dedicated to work both independently as well as in a team.

Educational Background


  • DEA in Political Science, International Relations : Diplomacy & Strategy,
  • Political and Economic Relations between Korea and The EU University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, France ( November 1999 )

  • M.A. in Modern Languages & International Studies,
  • Specialized in Politics & Culture of Contemporary Europe since 1945, Re-definition of European Security in post 1989. Bath University, U.K. ( June 1994 )

  • B.A. in Occidental Studies – Major : French Minor : English
  • Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea ( February 1992 )
    French language course, University of Savoie, Annecy, France ( 1990 – 1991 )

    Korean Interpretation Experiences
    Excellent communication skill in Korean, English and French / Good interpersonal skill / Able to work in organized and timely manner / Have working knowledge in MS Word, Excel, Internet & PowerPoint.

    Dec. 2011 ~ Aug.2012
    Working as an International Communication Manager at SK Marketing & Company (Official Contractor) for the Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion related to the exhibition presentation EXPO 2012, Yeosu, Korea: Interpreting & translating with regard to administrative, financial supports by the Organizing Committee for participating countries Planned and conducted the Staff Training for Pavilion Operation from the Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Oceans(April 26-May 1,2012)

    2011 Interpreted for Land Transport Authority Singapore for the on-site benchmarking concerning illegal transport enforcement mechanism such as strategies, policies, regulations and implementations & operations of enforcement camera system in Korea with Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Seoul Metropolitan Government Office, Seoul Transport Operation and Information Service(TOPIS) and LG CNS & other related facilities companies

    Interpreted for Cho-A Pharm.co.,Ltd. and Dexi International France on the occasion of presentation for anti-aging line “Auriège” by French CEO and his press interviews with women magazines : Woman Joongang, Woman Dong-A

    Oct. 2011
    Interpreted for Eurl Trading Nidhal, Algeria: import negociations of High quality Korean SME’s products, 2011 G-Fair, organized by Gyeonggi Small and Medium Business Administration & KOTRA, Kintex

    Sep. 2011
    Interpreted for Braintropia Co.,Ltd. & France Ginseng : On-site visit of ginseng products line in Naju GMP factory and Geumsan ginseng plantations & 2011 Geumsan Ginseng Expo. Interpreted for sales agreement negociation

    Aug. 2011
    Interpreted for Formulation of Disaster Risk Management for Historic Village, Hahoe, Andong City, World Cultural Heritage, Co-Workshop with Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea and ICCROM, sponsored by Province of Kyongsanbuk-Do

    Sep. 2010
    Interpreted for the Senegalese trainee delegation (SAED) invited & organized by KOICA and KECC( Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation ): training program related the improvement of irrigation in the region of Grand Digue Tellel in Senegal ,base on feasibility study and basic design of project. Interpreted training program lectures and accompanied on-site visits in Korea

    Feb. 2010~Nov. 2009
    Interpreted & translated for LG CNS and IFT(Innovation-Framework Technologies) France & Korea concerning the establishment of PMS (Project Management System), computerized system within LG Display, Paju

    Mar. 2009
    Interpreted for Novo Nordisk Korea, Inspection of Sales Effectiveness Assessment from International Operations, especially for Sales Project Managers from Zurich and Moscow Individual interviews of Korean Sales Representatives with International Operation Project Managers. Inspection via On-Site Visits (hospitals/clinics) of Sales Representatives.

    Jan. 2009
    Interpreted for Intercounty Alliance Corp.- USA, “Buy Korea 2009”, organized by KOTRA, Coex, Seoul

    Sep. 2008
    - Interpreted for the Senegalese trainee delegation (SAED) invited & organized by KOICA and KECC( Korea Engineering Consultants Corporation ): training program related the improvement of agricultural productivity & the irrigation project of the Dagana region in Senegal. Interpreted training program lectures and accompanied related on-site visits in Korea

    - Interpreted for the President (Christian de Boissieu) of the French Council of Economic Analysis attached to the French Prime Minister: invited by Korea Foundation Accompanied and supported for interview meetings with the Prime Minister, Chairman of the Presidential Council on National Competitiveness, Deputy Governor of Institute forMonetary & Economic Research, BOK, President of KEB, French Embassy, FKCCI & EUCCK etc.

    Mar. 2008 ~ June, 2008
    - Interpreted for COMAP, French trading company of raw materials for steel products, one of business delegation, organized by French Embassy & French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul

    - Interpreted for the President of National University of Cocody, Ivory Coast, invited by Korea Foundation

    - Interpreted for National Electricity Company, Bulgaria & PLN(PERSERO), National Electricity Corporation, Indonesia, “ Global Electric Power Tech 2008 ” , organized by KOTRA, COEX, Seoul

    - Interpreted for a Swedish journalist concerning special reports "all about Korea”, Seoul Press Tour, organized by Seoul City Hall

    - Interpreted for a supply contract of oil tank car on a scale of $18 million for the next 4 years between Millet SAS, France (buyer) and Hungil Industrial Co.Ltd, Kimhae, Korea (seller)

    All other interpretation and translation performance details before May, 2007

    May - Sep.2007 Planned and organized the 22nd Voorburg Group Meeting, hosted by the Bank of Korea, Seoul. Provided administrative supports and communication matters for the international conference

    Nov.-Dec. 2006 KOTRA, Invest Korea Plaza(IKP)-Invest Support Center(ISC) General Operation & Planning Team Manager. Provided a wide range of information for foreign investors & their families in business & living areas in order to promote foreign investments in Korea.Planed special events with regard to foreign embassies, chambers of commerce & companies for the purpose of promoting Korea and attracting foreign investments

    Oct. 2006 Interpreted & translated for a foreign CEO. Interpreted a workshop of Sales & Marketing Team and Sales & Retail Distribution Meetings . Conducted a special company event of Neslé Waters & Pulmuone Waters Joint Venture, Seoul

    Mar. 2006 Interpreted for RMS Titanic, Inc. USA, Coordinated between RMS Titanic Exhibition team and Korean exhibition related companies, Seoul.

    Feb. 2006 Interpreted for a Hedge Fund Analyst, Equinox Partners, L.P. Analysis of Korean Companies’ financial statements, annual reports and share dividends & equity situations, Seoul

    Dec.2005~ July 2004 Responsible for International Cooperation Affairs at the Korea Research Council for Industrial Science &Technology, Government-funded Research Council under the auspices of the Minister of Science and Technology. Coordinated international joint R&D projects and international S&T exchanges with world wide research institutes. Managed the 1st to 4th KOCI(Korea Research Council for Industrial Science & Technology)-BMI(Battelle Memorial Institute USA), Collaboration Meeting in Science & Technology. Supported KOCI-Battelle Joint R&D Programs & other collaboration areas such as Joint Venture Creation and Cyber Education Program. Prepared KOCI delegation’s visit to Battelle headquarters, Columbus, Ohio and assisted the signing of a MOU between KOCI and Battelle (October, 2005). Provided administrative support & follow-up actions for KOCI-Battelle Collaboration Coordinated between KOCI Labs’ principal researchers and Battelle counterparts.

    July 2005 Interpreted for staff training lectures, organized by Sales & Marketing Team, Neslé Waters and Pulmuone Waters Joint Venture, Seoul

    Mar. 2005 Interpreted for development of distribution channels, analysis of product price & consumers preference and market share compared to other competitors, Sales& Marketing Team, Neslé Waters and Pulmuone Waters Joint Venture, Seoul.

    Feb. 2005 Interpreted for a Hedge Fund Analyst, Equinox Partners, L.P. Analysis of Korean Companies’ financial statements, annual reports and share dividends & equity situations, Seoul.

    Dec.2004 Interpreted the Opening Ceremony of “ Santa Village Festival ”for Santa Claus from Finland – organized & supported by Ginnie Korea/International, the Embassy of Finland and Rovaniemi Santa Village in Finland, Coex, Seoul

    Oct. 2004 Interpreted Global Game Publisher Export Conference organized by KOTRA for Big-Ben Interactive France and Korean game publisher & development companies, Coex, Seoul. Interpreted Middle East – Africa Plant Machinery Export Conference organized by KOTRA for ENSE SERHANE Morocco and Korean marble cutting machinery companies, Coex, Seoul

    Sep. 2004 Interpreted Sales & Retail Distribution Meeting for Neslé Waters and Pulmuone Waters, Seoul.

    June-July 2004 Interpreted Business Pilot Project /ISP/IT supports for Neslé Waters and Pulmouone Waters, Seoul. Supported between Neslé IT coordination team and Pulmuone IT support team including IT outsourcing company

    June 2004 Interpreted for the Radio France Internationale reporter: Special report concerning the 15th of June, 2000, Inter –Korean Summit Meeting, North Korean defectors as well issues of reduction of the US Armed Forces in Korea
    May 2004 Interpreted plate heat exchanger & chemical processing system materials for Viex Asia and Sam Nam corp., Singapore

    Feb. 2004 Researched Korean mobile market situation & interpreted mobile product import and distribution for Ukraine Unisystem, Seoul

    Sep. 2002 ~ Oct. 2001 Brand Marketing Interpreting, Seoul Interpreted Education Seminar & Cosmetic Product Demonstration for Aekyeong Industry and Gisele Delorme de Paris. Instructed Gisele Delorme’s discipline of products use Supported Q & A meeting between Gisele Delorme’s technical managers and Aekyeong’s beauty consultants

    May 2002 Interpreted Brand Design Marketing for Marie Claire, Paris and Charim handwork, Seoul
    Mar. ~ June 2001 Consultant – Logistics Revolution Korea, Seoul. Fulfilled BPR Consulting Service at Cheil Jedang Food Service Design of As-Is & To-Be processes /Building of Master Plan

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    Emperor SeJong was born in year 1397 as thrid prince of King TaeJong. He invented the Korean alphabet in year 1443 and announced it in year 1446 when he was 50 years. The name of "Seoul" city has been named by Emperor Sejong and officially used since year 1422 when he was 26 years old. Gwanghwamun square was established in year 1431 when the emperor Sejong was 35 years old.

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    Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea. The flower appears in national emblems, and Korea is compared poetically to the flower in the South Korean national anthem. The flower's name in Korean is mugunghwa (Hangul: 무궁화; Hanja: 無窮花). The flower's symbolic significance stems from the Korean word mugung, which means "immortality"..