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Use our services for Employee performance excellency award of global multinational companies

For the performance award of Global multinational companies
Why not ! Good sales achievement, Saels incentive, Performance outstanding, Quota exceed performance, employee satisfaction and all other cases for excellency and outstanding cases, you can use our services for their compensation and benefits.

Korea Tour for employee incentive award

There are many companies to use our services for employee satisfaction and benefits extra. There may be several types of employee benefits such as pay bonus, share schemes, child care and flexible benefits, but our service can be one of tool to give more extra benefits to employee satisfaction for their outstanding performance delivery. Therefore we are here to give extra ordinary additional service package for your valuable employees. We would like to offer you strongly for our integrated services as anohter sales, performance driving tools. This can be another fresh idea to stimulate your employee for making them to acclerate their goal set of your company measurable performance matrix. Conact us today if you have any plan to share our services with your company compensation and fringe benefits.

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Our services are not limited, but including followings.
we could be your outsourced business partner caring your employee benefits.

Our integrated services may be one of tool to motivate your people in your company such as

  • 1. People / Staff motivation
  • In HR perspective, motivating the people is quite important for let them be a part of company and aware them to be a important peson in company. Human Resources department can consider our services as for this purpose.

  • 2. Performance Award and Paid reward
  • Sales reprsentative's quota delivery, Services performance matrix achievement and other many business matrix outstanding performance carry out. In this cases, you may consider our services as your employee's paid reward as for their excellent contribution to company. Other than direct cash payment for them, our services may be more attactive reward package they may prefer to choose.

  • 3. Compensation and Fringe benefits / Share scheme
  • Employers can design their own employee share schemes. Company can set some options for their benefits category. Our services could be one of employee fringe benefits, for example local car and driver supporting while there are working in Korea.

  • 4. Recreation and Relax / Wellbeing - Work and Life balancing
  • The work and life balancing has become an important part of company recreation, relax and sickness absence strategies. Recreation/ Relax benefits that prevent staff from feeling discourage. This benefits can be part of a long-term strategy to improve the productivity, performance and self motivation. Through our intergrated services, you employee can satisfy for their life and work balance with their family or colleagues.

  • 5. Quarter Rivew meeting, kick-off meeting and seminars
  • Usually, the glboal companies that are doing business with Korea. They have a regional quarter review meeting or kick-off meeting in Asia pacific region. Korea may be the best country in Asia to held this kinds of meeting. Hence, we can set all for your plan as it is intended if you select us as local event maker for your successful meetings in Korea.

  • 6. Flexible benefits
  • Flexible benefits schemes enable employers to allow their staff to select the benefits that suit them. This is also known as cafeteria benefits in the USA. Flex is seen as a popular way to integrate benefits packages during mergers and acquisitions and at other times of company change.

    Our role to deliver
    Employee Total Satisfaction, Motivating staff, Driving more productivity through recreation.

    Caring the people is quite important in company. For global multinational company , here our services can be one part of tool you can care your staff well by selecting us one of your supporting company in Korea. Korea is the hub of Asia now, we guess your employee wish to take look the Korea. Contact us, we will care your people well to let them feel the differentiation. We are here to help you.

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    Korea National Flag - was used first time in 1882 and was officially announced as Korea national flag since 1883..

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